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DIY Garden Compost Tumbler [Video]

If you have a garden or plan on having one, this is an awesome way to make it even better!

By vastly improving the quality of your soil, compost adds needed food and nutrients for the plants in your garden.

Using compost you make yourself is a cost effective way to help your garden grow well and ensures it is organic.

Also, using food scraps is environmentally friendly, decreasing the size of our landfills.

The hard part of enjoying your own compost is having a pile that needs to be turned regularly to keep it all decomposing properly. This is hard work and the smell can sometimes be unpleasant as well.

Building your own Garden Compost Tumbling Bin will provide you with an easy way to make all the compost you  need for your garden!

Start one now so you will be ready for spring planting.  And because compost takes time to breakdown so it is ready, begin a second bin so when one is full you can have another going for your on-going kitchen scraps (non-meat, of course!), yard waste and even this year’s gardening debris as the plants begin to die off. Viva il vostro giardino!!

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