[Video] Build Your Own Deck

Are you wanting to build your own deck? Doing it yourself can save you some money, but can also cause you a lot of headaches if you are unaware of some important steps you need to take to be sure it is safe for your family and friends.

Building your own deck can be a fun and exciting project provided you have the correct tools and know how. Have a set of plans to start your deck with is important so you can get the correct material and many towns or counties require you to submit plans and obtain a building permit before you start.

One of the biggest issues that arise from homeowners building their own decks is improper attachment of the deck (ledger board) to the house. This needs to be done properly to keep the deck from falling under a load.

This video series will show you how to build your own deck.


Deciding which decking material to use can be hard choice, Check Out

Now that you have planned out your deck, Click to the Next Page where video #2 will start you framing it out.



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