7 Awesome Pallet Furniture Ideas!

Making pallet furniture can be fun and exciting. The cost is minimal especially when compared to other furniture.

Here are some great ideas from Pallet Furniture UK, that you can get at great prices. But if you are not in the United Kingdom, you can use these ideas to build your own great looking furniture.

How about a wonderful outdoor dining table? Great for those large gatherings or a large family.

Outdoor pallet dining table




This corner seating area and table  a great addition to your patio. Folks can sit comfortably and have great conversations.

Garden corner lounger


And for the youngins, how about this rolling toy box so they can take their toys where ever they wish to play.

Toy box


How about a kitchen table, made all from reclaimed lumber.

Rustic Dining room table


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  1. im not a big fan of pallet furniture,but i have seen some projects i like,but i am glad to see pallets turned into useful products instead of being trashed or burned.thats just a waste of resources

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