11 Awesome DIY Projects to Spruce Things Up!

A realtor will tell you, don’t do a remodel that will not enhance the value of your home. This can be true in some ways, but unless you plan on selling now, I don’t believe that to be the best plan. Doing a renovation that make you house more enjoyable for you is my theory. You never know what the next person will like.

Here are some awesome DIY projects you can do to make your home more enjoyable,

Fire Pit with Planters and Benches will be great for entertaining all evening long.

Patio bench and fire pit

Lit fire pit

Very nice idea:


Wrap your couch in book cases, adds extra storage and eliminates the need for end tables.




Build you bed inside your dressers. Built in bed and storage is a great way to save space and add some flair to your room.




Enjoy your front porch more with this awesome porch swing.




Adding a Teak floor to your shower will spruce it up and be softer on your feet. Removes easy for cleaning.




How about an indoor doggie house? Your pets will love their new home using the space under your stairs



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