Great Ideas For A Back Splash!

Adding tile, stone or metal to a back splash can make a major change in the look of any kitchen.

Adding your own flare with deco’s, borders and patterns will make it uniquely your own.

You can mix and match materials, tiles, colors and sizes to make all sorts of fun designs.

Here we added a pencil above the first row and then did the top on a diagonal.
Between the stove and microwave.


Here we used glass tile to blend with the granite countertop.

Glass tile used for the back splash.


Here we used

4×4 tile with deco strip in the middle
deco backsplash

Head over to the Next Page to for a video on How to Install Back Splash Tile.


Want to Build a Leak Free Shower

Tub and Shower surrounds are the hardest areas of construction to make water tight.  While building or remodeling a shower or tub area is the perfect time to get the sub structure correct to prevent this area from leaking and prematurely needing repairs.

Using cement backer board as a stable base for your tile will help you make a leak proof shower surround as it will not deteriorate or warp if water does reach it.

Check out this great video on installing backer board in your surround.


Using this method will give great confidence that your surround will last a long time.