Upcycle Leftover Pumpkins

Now that Halloween and Thanksgiving are over, don’t toss those leftover pumpkins in the garbage. There are many things you can do with them to help keep them out of the landfills.

You can put them in your compost pile ( or a neighbors, if you don’t have one). They can be cut up to feed the wild life. You can sut out the seeds and plant them for next year.

They can also be repurposed into other decorations for the rest of the holiday season.

Laura over at Garden answers has this awesome idea to repurpose left over pumpkins.

Using just a few supplies she turned her leftovers into a snowman decoration.

Pumpkins leftover from fall decorations
Hand Pruners & Scissors
White Spray Paint
7/16 in. x 12 in. Drill Bit
1/2″ spade bit
3′ Bamboo Garden Stake
Glue Gun
Black Hat
Red Ribbon
Glittery Holly Holiday Pick
Scrap fabric for scarf
Carrot for nose, gravel for face and buttons
Spring Grove® Western Arborvitae
Leyland Cypress

Watch the video to see how she did it.

Add Fall Appeal – Decorating for Autumn

With the air cooling down and the leaves changing colors, everyone loves autumn! Adding some Fall Appeal to your front yard can be exciting and fun. There are many things you can use to liven up the your place for the fall season.

There are plenty of artificial items you can buy in the store. But decorating with natural plants and garden items will add more flare to your project.

There are so many ways your can add your personal touch to your entryway to make it one of a kind.

Starting with fall harvest items like pumpkins, gourds, hay bales and corn stalks, you can really enjoy the fall season.

Fall front porch


Adding some quintessential autumn mums in various colors can really spice things up.

Continue with other colorful plants like Kale or Crotons to keep the bright fall color coming.



Leaving fallen leaves to blow around on your decorations adds that much more appeal to the whole seasonal theme.

Leaves on the porch


You don’t need a huge front yard or entrance to add some great looking flair.

Front door decorations


Coming home to a fun decorated porch can really brighten your day. You may even want to go out just to enjoy coming back in.