Conserve Water with Cactus and Succulents

Adding cactus and succulents to your garden will make it look awesome and help conserve water as the plant require less water to survive. They can be mixed in among other plants and you can also mix in rocks like Lava and others that also help hold water in your garden allowing you to use less water.

While all cactus are succulents, not everyone knows this and thinks of them as different plant types.

Succulents will add charm to any garden, whether they are flowering plants or not they will help you garden look great and conserve water.

Check out some of the many species available to add to your garden.


portulaca, the “forgiving” annual

Pleasing Portulaca
One of the best-loved succulents is portulaca, the “forgiving” annual that won’t shrivel up and die if you go on vacation during a dry spell. Its bright flowers, which open to the sun and close at twilight, appear all summer.


Euphorbia rigida

Euphoria over Euphorbia
With literally thousands of species, Euphorbia offers a plethora of options for gardeners. Interesting in habit as well as foliage (as seen with this upright Euphorbia rigida), many species also boast colorful flower structures.



Scaevola is great for crevice planting

Sprawling Scaevola
Cheerfully rambling over these rocks, Scaevola is another forgiving annual. Its short height (typically 6 to 18 inches tall) and sprawling habit (up to 5 feet, depending on cultivar) makes it a natural for crevice planting. The lilac- to purple-colored flowers go nonstop.


‘Neon’ sedum add an energetic burst of color

Neon Jungle
For an energetic burst of color that can’t be missed, ‘Neon’ sedum delivers. The bright flowers last for weeks, and the lightly variegated leaf edges are a bonus during the rest of the season.


small succulents in a portable container

Portable Charm
Bring smaller succulents, such as these hens and chicks, closer to eye level in a portable container. This old wooden packing box is all the more charming when filled with these tiny delights. And the fact that you’ll have to water sparingly should actually increase the lifespan of the box.




Mix plant textures and colors in several containers

Group for Effect
For a pleasing vignette, put several containers together. Link them visually by using pots in similar colors or materials. As for the plants, place tallest in back and stairstep down. Mixing up plant textures and colors helps, too.

Thanks to Lowe’s for these great pics

Enjoy your garden this summer knowing you are making it more environmentally friendly.













15 Beautiful Vertical Pallet Planters

If you want to a garden but don’t have the space, then these vertical pallet planters will be really nice. Using Pallets for building things is a great way to save money and still finish with an awesome project.

A little paint and some plants and you have some awesome planters.

vertical planter 1

Great idea from


A nice fence for a little privacy from your neighbors.

vertical planter 7

 Very nice from


A simple little project that can brighten up any area.

vertical planter 2

A simple project from design


Great planters for livening up any wall or fence.

vertical planter 10

Thanks for the beautiful idea


A sweet little planter that will look great on your porch.

vertical planter 8

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10 Great Gardening Tips

Gardening tips

Anyone who does any gardening could use some helpful tips to help your plants grow better and make gardening just a little simpler.  Thinks like how to protect seedlings or ways to keep plants watered when you can’t get to them are great tips.

Check out the video below for more useful gardening tips.


Want To Build Your Own Vertical Planter?

Building a vertical planter for your yard can look great while saving precious space. Your own vertical planters are fun to build and you can make them in all different sizes and shapes to fit the space you have.

Tools you will need:

Miter or circular saw
Cordless drill and 1/8-inch drill bit
Staple gun and a pack of electrical cord staples
Tape Measure
Safety goggles
If you place this project outside where it could come in contact with water, use pressure-treated, cedar, or redwood boards.

Three 8-foot 2x10s
Four 8-foot 2x4s
Sixteen 8-foot 1x4s
1 roll of wire mesh with half-inch gap
1 roll or weed barrier
1 box of 1 1/2-inch screws


Here is a great video from The Home Depot with a tutorial on how to Get It Done!


For more great projects you can build Click Here to check out Ted’s Woodworking secrets, where he revels over 16,000 wood working projects any DIYer can do!


Making a Raised Bed Garden

Have you been wanting a raised bed garden so you can grow your own wonderful herbs and vegetables? Now that the weather is warming up, it is a great time to start the garden you always wanted. Where to start a project like this is always a good question for a beginner.

First decide what you want to grow so you can figure out how much space you will need. Picking the correct location is important and based on what you are growing in your  garden, different plants want different amounts of sunshine and water.

Here is a wonderful video to help you get started, Happy Growing.