Great Firewood Storage Ideas

Fall is here! Time for the animals to start gathering and storing their food for the winter. Also time for us to start stacking wood to keep us warm or just to sit and enjoy an evening with family and friends. Building your own firewood storage racks is a great idea, as you can build it to fit you needs. 

It can be a simple one for enough wood to have a few fires a year, on those special occasions. Or a massive firewood storage rack to house enough wood to heat your place all winter long.

Firewood storage racks can be be made simple with just a few concrete blocks and some 2x’s, yo elaborate designs that blend into their surroundings.

We put together a collection of storage racks we have come across to give you some ideas for building your own firewood rack.

The simple and Quick. Great for patios and fire pit wood storage.

cheap firewood storage


Or if you need a little more storage this one is easily expanded.

block firewood-storage rack

Use some pressure treated lumber and you can DIY in no time.



Inexpensive yet very sturdy. Great for those occasional uses.

firewood storage 2x


When you heed a little more storage but still have a budget to keep.

firewood storage box


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How To Build An Inexpensive Coffee Table

Building your own stuff can be very satisfying. And it can also save you a lot of money.

With just a few tools and some guidance and you are just steps away from creating great things for your home.

You can build this great looking coffee table for under $50. Of course, this depends on what type of wood you want it made from and if you change the dimensions.

Sanding and finishing the project will help make it really look like a professional made it.

Step 1: Materials/Tools

Here’s a break down of the materials/tools needed and online links.


2″x6″x8′ Lumber (for the table top and shelf)
Qty: 4


2-1/2″ Pocket Hole Screws
Qty: 1 box should work

1-1/2″ Wood screws
Qty: 1lb box


– Kreg Pocket Hole Jig
– Drill or Impact Driver
– Miter saw or Circular saw
– Tablesaw (optional)
– Sander and paper
– Planer (optional)

Step 2: Material Cut list

Picture of Material Cut list

We are working off a specific set of dimensions. The final dimensions of the coffee table are as follows: 22″ in depth by 45″ in width by 18″ tall. If you are working on a different size table, then you’ll need to adjust your cut list accordingly.

Cut List:

2″x4″x16-1/2″ (Vertical leg pieces)
Qty: 8

2″x4″x16-1/2″ (Stretchers for the legs)
Qty: 4

2’x6″x45″ (Top of coffee table)

Qty: 4

2″x6″x41′ (Lower shelf)
Qty: 3

2″x4″x38″ (Stretcher between the two legs)
Qty:1 (This piece you cut into 2 pieces that are 1″x4″x38″)

Check out the video below where Geoff shows us how to build this awesome coffee table.

See Geoff’s step by step instructions at

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Awesome Storage Bench!

storage bench

There are things you need to have handy on you patio or deck, like hoses and bug lights, that you don’t want to see when they are not in use. How about adding some extra storage and some extra seating at the same time with this wonderful storage bench.

This is great do it yourself project, that will require some carpentry  and tool knowledge, but certainly a beginner could accomplish it with a little extra time.

Things you will need:


  • Table saw
  • Combination square
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Circular saw
  • Saber saw
  • Yardstick
  • Two C-clamps
  • Electric drill and bits
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Hacksaw
  • String


  • 7 8-ft.-long 1-by-6s

  • Wood glue

  • 30 2-in. square-drive trimhead screws

  • 60 1¼-in. deck screws

  • 48-in. continuous hinge

  • 4 ft. of 24-in.-wide ¼-in. galvanized wire mesh

  • 20 ¾-in. trusshead screws

  • Wood sealer

  • 3½-in. hook and eye

For instructions on how to cut and assemble this storage bench visit