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Natural Backyard Privacy!

Natural Fencing

Here are ways you can get the backyard privacy you want naturally. Using plants and trees will not only give you privacy but help the environment as well and they look great. Even if you have a small yard this will work for you.

Fences made from wood still use many resources for production and transportation. Building a natural fence by planting trees and shrubs will reduce the impact on the environment and add mush needed greenery back in the world.

Natural backyard privacy fence does more then just keep unwanted eyes out of your space, they also help reduce noise from streets and neighboring properties. A natural fence will also block the wind and keep snow from blowing and drifting.

There are many different type of plants that can be used for great looking natural fencing. Evergreens are great for year round privacy, while deciduous plant provide spring flowering and nice fall colors they do not provide year round protection. Using plants native to your area will help reduce their need additional water and food.

A natural backyard privacy fence can also provide food and shelter for a variety of wildlife, such as birds and other critters.


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