DIY Firewood Racks

A backyard fire pit is a great place to gather and enjoy cool nights outdoors and great conversation. To enjoy this you need to have some seasoned firewood on hand to keep the party going.

You want to keep your wood conveniently stacked for easy use, keep it dry so it burns well and off the ground to help keep the bugs out of the wood.

Building your own firewood rack is a simple and fun DIY project, or you can make a really big and awesome looking firewood rack.

Here are some great ideas for your backyard.


The Quick and the Cheap

cheap firewood storage


firewood storage box

firewood storage 2x

block firewood-storage rack




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On page 2 you will find some firewood racks that will store your wood and enhance your place.



DIY Perpetual Desk Calendar

I saw this fun little perpetual desk calendar and decided it would be nice to share it with you. It is a great DIY project that can be made in an afternoon.

It can be made from any kind of wood but a hardwood such as cherry or maple will look really nice. You can use a wood and stain to match your existing desk, or have fun with it and paint it different colors.

The tricky part of this deck calendar is how to get all the numbers out of only 2 – 6 sided blocks, Check out the video below to see how it is made.

Watch Art take you step by step while he builds the calendar at

Which Screw Head is Better

There is always discussion as to what is the best type of slot for the head of a screw. Over the years manufacturers have tried many different styles. The most common used today are the straight slot, Phillips, Robertson (square) and the Torx (star).

The straight slot was the most common for years, but the issue with them is they have a tendency of stripping when to much pressure is applied, especially when trying to back out an old screw. The Robertson, though designed in the early 19oo’s in Canada, didn’t really see much use elsewhere until the 1970’s. The Phillip bit patented in the early 1960’s became the go to bit for many screw manufactures. The Torx, even thought designed in 1967 took some time to catch on, as the screw industry was reluctant to retool their machines.

So now the big debate comes as to which screw head is better? The battle seems to come down to basically the Robertson vs the Torx. They both have better grabbing power with less strip out than any other types of common screw heads, but is one better than the other?

This video shows a great comparison of these 2 types of screws, check it out and let us know your thoughts and experiences.




DIY Hidden Umbrella Rack

Umbrella stand

Many of us have the issue of where to put our umbrella’s when not being used, a great place is behind the door in the mud room or utility room. This issue with this theory is that almost every time you open and close the door they have a tendency of sliding out and getting caught under the door.

Having a rack behind the door is a great way to store them neatly out of the way, but there usually isn’t enough room behind the door for a standard umbrella stand.

If you enjoy building things or ready to tackle a new project, this great video will show you how to build your own behind the door umbrella rack.

For step by step instruction on building this rack visit

Build a Playhouse for the Kids!

Every kid would love to have a playhouse in the backyard where they can grow and create their own memories, but they can be expensive to purchase, even as a kit.

Have you considered building one yourself? Any handyman with some woodworking skills can build a playhouse like one of these beauties and you can have the kids help and learn with you.


See plans to build this at the



How would you little ones like this?

Elevated playhouse

Get plans to build this fabulous play house from





[VIDEO] Making a Straight Cut with a Circular Saw!

Circular Saw

A circular saw is an important tool for DIYers doing any wood working, but making a straight cut isn’t always easy.

Learning a few skills and using the correct tools you can make a perfect cut every time.

You will need

Circular saw – (of course)

Tape Measure


Straight edge – ( a straight 1×4 works great)

2 medium size clamps

Safety Glasses – (always when using power tools)



If you are cutting just a short piece of wood like a 2×4 using a speed square works great as your straight edge.



Making a Perfect Trim Corner


Just like pin stripping on a car makes it look sharp, adding molding to your room can really change the look. Whether you are adding floor, ceiling window or door moldings, getting a perfect trim corner can be difficult.

Although we want to believe that the corners in our home are a perfect 90 degrees, they usually are not.  Using an Angle Finder when doing corners will help you make the correct angle cuts to get your corner perfect.

When doing base or crown molding you cam also do a coped corner, which eliminates trying to figure out the correct angle. The video below will help guide you thru making a perfect trim corner.




One trick when doing any molding is all was cut it slightly longer that you measured so you make small adjustment cuts to get the perfect joint.



Why Yes, You Need a Fire Extinguisher! [Video]

Fire Extinguisher

No home should be without at least one fire extinguisher, for a larger home multiple extinguishers is the best plan.

Installing one in the Kitchen, Garage, Laundry Room and Work Shop should be a priority, but having one in your bedroom is also a good idea in case a fire breaks out in the middle of the night.

Educating yourself and your family on where the fire extinguishers are and how to properly handle them before a fire starts could keep a small fire from becoming a fully involved house fire.

Fire extinguishers are fairly easy to use, but not without first thinking of your safety first.

Have a plan so if a fire breaks out, you know what to do.

  • Alert everyone in the house and get outside.
  • Call emergency services.
  • Then if the fire has not gotten too big, use the extinguisher, keeping yourself between the fire and an exit so you can get out if things get worse.

On the Next Page, you will learn what P.A.S.S. means when using your extinguisher.


Quick Inexpensive Kitchen Upgrade

A simple way to update your kitchen, without spending a ton of money is by changing the cabinet door and drawer knob to handles or  door pulls. Doing this simple little project will make your kitchen have a different look without doing a major renovation.

There are hundreds of styles and shapes that it is impossible to give you all your option here, but keep in mind that if you have just knobs on your cabinets, adding pull handles instead, will make the door easier to open for people with arthritis and such.

When replacing knobs with 2 hole handles you will need to drill an additional hole. If you are replacing handle for handle be sure that you get ones with the same hole pattern.

A few things to keep in mind before ordering cabinet handles:

  • Before making a large order or purchase, try buying one handle in several styles to ensure you can open your cabinet pain free. Also you can see which style matches your kitchen décor the best!
  • Be sure to ask if the handles includes screws. Some handles come without them. If that is the case, you want to be sure to order the correct amount of screws.
  • Lastly, count the number of drawers and cupboards prior to making an order or purchase. The last thing you want to do is not have enough handles during installation.

Thanks Mr. Handyman for those tips

If your existing holes are not where you want the new ones, you can fill the hole and finish to match the cabinets and drill new holes.

Having a cabinet handle template is very handy if you are drilling new holes for your handles. You can find them at your local hardware store or you can make your own.

Check out this great video on making your own handle drilling template.


Now doesn’t that look better?