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Feeding Your Garden

Did you know that seaweed and fish emulsion or fish fertilizer has a lot of beneficial bacteria? Just add some fish, fertilizer and seaweed. Just a couple of tablespoons is enough to a watering can and then use it on any pot that you prepared any container with some potting mix. It adds a lot of beneficial bacteria into the soil which will really help your plants grow very well.

Are your seeds still good?

There is an easy way to check whether your seeds will still germinate or not, and you don’t have to waste time to sow them in the ground or in containers. All you do is take a paper towel and a little container and then take about five seeds out of your seed packet and then just close it and this humid environment will encourage the seeds to germinate if they’re still viable. It’s an easy test. You don’t have to waste any time.

So after about seven to 10 days, if you see your seeds have germinated well, they’re viable. So go ahead and plant them in your garden. There is an easy way to make holes in plastic pots. I’m using a soldering iron here, also called a soldering gun and what it does is it uses heat to just go through your plastic parts, just let that it’s an easy way to make a lot of holes in your pots. Now I use a lot of plastic pots and this technique works out really. Well you don’t have to use a drill.

For your heath and your plants!

Aspirin is not only good for your health, it is also good for the health of your plants. There is one plant that has immense benefits if you use aspirin and then water that plant with this aspirin solution, I’m taking two tablets of this aspirin standard, 325 milligrams dose and in this 2 gallon watering. Can I’m adding the aspirin and then water tomatoes? They are the one plant that benefit immensely from this aspirin solution that’s given to them. Just make sure you water the foliage thoroughly and it helps the tomato plants fight lot of diseases, especially fungal diseases.

Additions for your compost.

If you have a lot of egg shells in your house, you can put them to very good use. Eggshells are a great source of calcium for your plants, and it also adds a lot of nutrition benefit to your compost, pile so just blend your eggshells together, so that it forms a fine powder and this fine powder lets it disintegrate very quickly in your bin and then just add it to your compost, bin and mix thoroughly its a great addition to your compost.

Who would have thought?

Epsom salt is the secret to growing great peppers, eggplants and tomatoes in your garden. A lot of soils are deficient in magnesium and sulfur, and that’s exactly what Epsom salt contains just add: 4 teaspoons to 2 gallons of this watering can or you can use one and a half tablespoons for established plans. You can use two tablespoons for 2 gallons and then water the foliage thoroughly.

Quick Trellis

This works great for tomatoes, peppers as well as eggplants, to make a quick trellis. You just need some garden tape and three stakes: all you do is take the garden tape and wrap it around the 3 stakes holding them together, and what this does is the garden tape forms a little bit of a seal around these states holding them together, and You’re done when you expand these stakes. They form a very nice trellis. Your trellis can be used by a lot of climbing plants. It can be used by peas, beans and a lot of other climbing plants.

That’s how!

Do you, like the milky white cauliflowers that you get at the supermarket? Well, there’s an easy way to do that at home too. Just hold the head of the cauliflower plant together then just use a little garden tape to tie them lightly, and what this does is it lets the cauliflower, be a lot whiter when you harvest it.

Tag your it!

Now I use a lot of plant tags to mark my plants. I’m using this rubbing alcohol to make sure you get the ninety one percent rubbing alcohol. Just take a paper towel get some alcohol for the tags that you’ve already written on. Just rub them with this rubbing alcohol which easily removes permanent marker. So, as you can see here very easy to remove.

For all those stubborn stains that do not go away, what you can do is just put some rubbing alcohol in a little dish and then keep all your tags inside it. Its a very easy way to reuse the plant tags and save a little bit of money. The ink will dissolve eventually and then you can just use a paper towel to just rub it off completely, very easy way to use plenty of tags, save money and make sure what your plants are.

Chop Chop Chop

One tip that I always do to accelerate my composting process is to lay out all my leaves and my compost material and then just run the lawn mower over it.

The lawn mover blades chop up the dried leaves and the compost material. It will even crush your eggshells, your leaves and your stems. What this does is it’s an easy way to create finer and finer particles will decompose much faster, as you can see here, it’s all shredded and ready to go to The compost bin, so you can see the finer the particles are the faster it will decompose. So this is really neat tip a very easy to use tip to accelerate your composting process.

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