Fun Chalkboard Ideas

One thing parents freak out about is their kids writing on the walls. Now with the introduction of chalkboard paint, comes some fun ideas of where you can make a chalkboard anywhere you desire, so now the kids can write on the walls without you getting upset.

Brighten up a child’s room with their own chalkboard walls.

Kids room chalkboard

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You can put a strip around the room where you children will learn where and where not to color while making there own unique border.

Child's room

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Blackboard paint now comes in almost any color so dream away.


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You can paint your child’s dresser with chalkboard paint, so they learn while they play.


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Turn an old coffee table or desk into a play station.

Play Table

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Want your kids outdoors more? Make them a giant weather proof chalkboard, that will keep them entertained for hours.


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