Board and Batten Accent

Looking for a new look for that blank wall?

There are so many different options on how to dress up your walls.

Wainscotting, beadboard, paint an accent wall or wallpaper.

Then there is board and batten, which can make a wall stand out, or just give it some character. There are many designs you can do with this style wall accents.

Your layout will be dependent on what you want to the size of your battens to be and the spacing you want in between.

You will need to take the width of your wall and divide it by how many spaces you want. That will give you the general idea of how wide your spaces will be including one batten. To get your final calculation, you need to subtract you first batten size from the overall width of the wall to give you the placement of your other battens.

Check out this video to get a better feel for the process.

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