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What To Do With Old Cabinet Doors.

DIYer’s  love to upcycle old things and make awesome new stuff out of it. Take an old cabinet, dresser, door, you name it and they can turn it into some amazing stuff to decorate the home or make life easier.

If you have some old cabinet doors laying around or your neighbor is getting ready to upgrade their kitchen, grab some old doors and put them to good use.

Here are some creative ideas for you.

Start with this lovely chalk board made from an old door.


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Coat hooks with the family name.

Great job by


A sweet coffee mug holder.

Courtesy of myrepurposedlife


I then had my lab print a bunch of photos 2-up on 4×6 inch prints, and I cut them apart when they arrived, to make 4×3 inch pictures. I stuck these onto the white cardstock using foam tape so they stand away from the white cardstock a little.

Sweet from


Make your favorite game board.





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