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What is a Speed Square

If you do any kind of work or projects around your home, a speed square is a great addition for your tool bag.

Although they call it a square, it really is a triangular-shaped, carpenters’ mark out tool. The tool was first manufactured and sold by Swanson Tool Co. Inc, back in 1928.

The Speed Square combines some of the common functions of the framing square, try square, and combination square built into one tool. It was originally designed for craftsmen for laying out rafters and stair stringers quickly.

Mine is always in my tool pouch and is one of my most used tools. I find the most use I get from my speed square is as a saw guide for my circular saw or jig saw when making quick 45 and 90 degree cuts.

As you start to use one, you will find the speed square is useful for so many thing besides just cutting boards. It is an awesome tool to have when you are doing tile work, making furniture, installing doors and windows, fixing a gate and so much more.

The speed square comes in standard 7 inch and also 12 inch for bigger projects.


Check out the video for basic uses of a speed square.

You can find it here on Amazon. Speed Square.

For more uses for your speed square check out the video on page 2.


You will find it is also great for aligning pieces of wood together, making sure a factory cut is correct. Checking door frames or cabinet installation for square. Also a great tool for laying out stair stringers.

You can mark out a diagonal line of any degree from 0 to 90. Using guide stops will help if you need to make multiple cuts of the same angle.

Here is a demonstration of some great uses for your speed square.




The speed square comes in standard 7 inch and also 12 inch for bigger projects.


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