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Want To Build Your Own Vertical Planter?

Building a vertical planter for your yard can look great while saving precious space. Your own vertical planters are fun to build and you can make them in all different sizes and shapes to fit the space you have.

Tools you will need:

Miter or circular saw
Cordless drill and 1/8-inch drill bit
Staple gun and a pack of electrical cord staples
Tape Measure
Safety goggles
If you place this project outside where it could come in contact with water, use pressure-treated, cedar, or redwood boards.

Three 8-foot 2x10s
Four 8-foot 2x4s
Sixteen 8-foot 1x4s
1 roll of wire mesh with half-inch gap
1 roll or weed barrier
1 box of 1 1/2-inch screws


Here is a great video from The Home Depot with a tutorial on how to Get It Done!


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