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Stop Lawn Weeds Now!

Lawn Weeds

The best time to stop lawn weeds is now, before they even start. Being offensive in controlling weeds in your lawn is a lot less back-breaking and less time consuming than trying to get rid of them once they get a foothold in your lawn. Using a pre-emergent weed control product will be cheaper and better for the environment than weed killer for full grown weeds.

Controlling weeds in other areas of your property besides your lawn such as driveways, sidewalks and shrubbery will also help keep them from spreading to your lawn.

Weeds grow in different conditions than grasses, which is why you will notice them thriving in the heat of the summer when your grass is struggling. Keeping your lawn watered regularly will also help prevent weeds.

Here are some tips on other ways to control weeds without the use of chemicals.

Effective Lawn Weed Control

Here’s how to keep weeds at bay, before they invade your yard:

1. Repair bare or weakened areas.Weeds take hold in bare spots in your lawn, or in areas where the turf is weakened. Make sure you fill in bald spots in your yard in the early spring by sprinkling with grass seed and lightly raking (make sure you also water). If the lawn is thin in spots, add fertilizer to strengthen the grass.

2. Reduce soil compaction. Heavy foot traffic areas are prone to weed growth as the soil gets compacted and grass has trouble growing. If you must, add a pathway (with mulch or gravel) to prevent weeds from growing in place of grass–and spreading to other parts of your lawn.


Your lawn needs to be watered, but please be wise on how you go about watering your lawn. Click Here for some great tips on accomplishing this.

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