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Spicing Things Up in the Kitchen

There are small places in your kitchen where adding a spice rack can make your life more organized.

You may not be a master chef, But you love to cook. Using just the right spices will make your meals special. Being able to find those spices when they are needed can be a challenge.

Check out some of the many great options for organizing your spices for easy access when you want them. Consider adding these to the list for your kitchen remodel or you can add some in at any time.


Adding a rack to this kitchen drawer makes it a perfect place for your spices.


This free’d up 2 whole shelves in our cabinets. Before, I had just a shelf above the stove that held a few jars of random. I chose blue & teal over the front because I wanted color, but I wanted to keep it old looking.


This door spice rack is a simple DIY project for the back or a pantry door. Made with just simple 1x pine.


The end of an island is a great place to tuck a spice rack in a shallow kitchen cabinet

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Having your spices handy when your cooking is such a pleasure. Here are some more great ideas on how to accomplish this.


These awesome DIY racks make the cabinet door a very convenient place for your spices.



This used to be a hollow column, that formed one wall of the range alcove.

We demoed that area and made better use of the space. The other side is for trays. I love it.

Source: Houzz

Personal Touches – Small spaces offer surprising amount of spices storage with vertical pull-out spice rack cabinet from Dura Supreme Cabinetry.


I’ve seen a lot of really cheap commercial spice racks so when I wanted to make one for a cook I know, I tried to do something a little more innovative and attractive. This rack is a few years old now so the American Black Walnut has started to fade a bit. The other wood is hard maple.


Whether you wish to make your own, find one in a store or have it custom made. Having your spices handy when you need them makes cooking life more pleasant.

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