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Severe Weather Season!

Disaster Volunteers

Severe weather can happen any time of the year, no matter where you live, so you need to be prepared! Whether it is a hurricane, tornado, blizzard, fire or flooding, having supplies on hand could save your life. Power outages, loss of water supply, road blockages can all cut you off from the every day supplies we rely on. Here is a list of important things for you to store away for when disaster strike.

Essential Item you will need in an emergency.

1. Water

Water is of course at the top of our list. Having a large storage tank of water with a manual pump is great, but you should keep a supply of portable jugs on hand in case you need to evacuate. 5 gal per is a good starting point, more if you have the room to store it.

2. Light

Battery operated flash lights and lanterns are important, but only last so long, So be sure to stock extra batteries. Having emergency candles on hand, which are made to burn slower, and some water proof matches will prove to be helpful.

3. First Aid Kit 

No emergency supply kit can be without a first aid kit, getting medical attention quickly during a disaster won’t be easy.

4. Food

Storing food for an emergency is important, as food supply in stores deplete quickly during emergencies. Storing can goods and non-perishable food are you best options. Be sure to rotate these supplies with fresh ones every few months. Add some plastic plates and utensils for better eating conditions.

5. Medication

While you can’t usually store medication for an extended period of time, it is a good idea to place a large note of reminder in with you supplies so you remember to grab them if you need to leave.

6. Radio

Having a battery operated or hand crank radio to keep you informed of the conditions around you is very helpful. It will let you know when the situation is past or if you need to evacuate and the best route to take.

7. Tool Box

Having a small easy to store and carry tool box or pouch, containing screw drivers, knives, saw and pliers, will be very handy in any disaster.

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When emergency strikes you need to be prepared!  Go Here to see page 1 of the list!

8. Clothing

You never know how long an emergency might last or what the weather will do. Keeping a spare change of clothing and a few spare towels and blankets packed away, will help keep you more comfortable while you wait out the situation.

9. Sanitary Supplies

Toilet paper, trash bags, hand sanitizer, wipes, soap and hand towels can all be packed into a small waste can for easy transporting.

10.  Paper maps

Today a lot of us today rely on our phones for getting us where we want to go, but during emergencies, cell phone don’t always work, so it it good to have an atlas tucked in with your supplies.

11. Solar Phone Chargers

When emergencies strike and the power is out for an extended period of time, you’ll love having a solar cell phone charger with you. Also keep backup charging cords for all your electronic devices in your supply kit.

 12. Cash

Having cash on hand during an emergency is important. If the power or phone lines are out, credit card machines and ATM’s will be down.

13. Entertainment

Packing away some games for the family to play or some books will help pass the time during these situation.


And don’t forget about your pets, you will need to store food and water for them also!

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