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Pots and Pans and Lids, Oh My!

Storing pots and pans and their lids always seems to be an issue. You want to stack them together as it is a hassle to get to when you need the middle one, and you also don’t want to scratch them.

We have compiled some ideas on storing them so they are easy to get at and protects them from damage.

If you are a do it yourselfer, you can even build some of these yourself.

Peg board pot holder for small kitchen without a lot of cabinet space.


A great adjustable Pot and Lid Stacker


An awesome Lid Hanger


Or make your own using a standard towel bar.

Photo thanks to


Make a pot hanger from a shower curtain rod and some S hooks.



These Slide out pot hangers are great, you can get them from Glideware for $ 175 each

Or build them yourself with some help from for about $40


If you have a whole cabinet to dedicate to your pots and pans these racks from are awesome.




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