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Organizing Your Work Shop

No matter what size your work shop, it never seems big enough. Spending some time to get it organized well will make even the smallest of work spaces seem larger.

You don’t need a huge work shop to produce great projects, but if you are constantly searching for stuff or tripping over it, it will discourage you from wanting to even start a project.

Take a look at this great idea from Family Handyman on organizing your work shop.


Panel your shop with Peg-Board instead of drywall or plywood and there’ll be no shortage of space to hang dozens of hand tools, no matter how small your shop is. Homemade shelving that’s specifically for Peg-Board takes the concept one step further.

Use 2x4s and 1/4-in. L-hooks to make the shelves. Chamfer the top back edge so the shelf can be tipped in and tighten the L-hooks for a snug fit against the Peg-Board. Predrill the edges of the 2x4s with a 3/16-in. drill bit and about every 6 in., screw in threaded 2-in. L-hooks to match the holes in your Peg-Board. These shelves are surprisingly strong and can be sized to fit your specific needs.

If you have made your own organizational pieces please share them with us.

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