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Organizing Your Kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet organization

When you think of organizing your kitchen, you need to consider where you use certain things, such as what items are used around the sink, what items are used around the stove, and plan to place those items closest to where they will be used.

Once you know what you want to put where, then comes the task of how to organize everything to fit in the cabinets where you want to store these items.

  • Storage by the sink for frequently used items
  • Drawers close to the dishwasher and sink for cutlery
  • Spice storage near the range
  • Adding deep, wide drawers under counters and at lower levels if space allows
  • Dividers and inserts to keep cabinets and drawers organized
  • Using extra space for odd-sized objects such as wine bottles, baking sheets, and cookbooks

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Installing roll out racks and drawers will help keep cabinets well organized as you can easily get to the items in the rear of the cabinet without pulling everything apart.

  • Shelving that pulls out to make reaching objects in the back easier
  • Cubes and separators to organize foods, spices, cleaning supplies, and pots and pans
  • Containers for storage of small objects
  • Organizers and baskets made from wire to promote airflow
  • Shelves that attach to or hang over doors to use all available space
  • Height-adjustable shelving for flexibility

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If you are doing a remodel, starting a plan on paper of what you will need as far as cabinets and drawers, and whether slides or hanging racks will work best for your situation.


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