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Making Your Own Light Fixture Ideas

Making your own light fixture for your kitchen or dining room can be quite simple and very satisfying. You can use many things that you can find, for free or cheap, in your attic or garage, at yard sales, antique stores or even in someone else’s junk pile (another man’s treasure).

Do it Yourself light fixture have the distinction of being, made with your own two hands and being one of a kind that exists now where else.

You can usually make your own light fixture with just a few dollars for basic light sockets and some other parts you can get from your local hardware store.

Here are a few idea to get you thinking as to what you would like to make to hang in your space.

Turn this:

Into This:

see this wonderful lamp at


Have some old cheese graders lying around from Grandma.

Neat idea from


Canning Jar Light.

We wanted to come up with a creative, inexpensive light fixture for our dining room says Gary and Gina Blocker of
Oran, Missouri. Awesome!


Yes we used plumbing pipes to make an electric light.

Cool idea from






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