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Locating the Gas Shut off Valve in a Home

Gas Meter

Whether you just purchased your home or have been there for years, knowing where your gas shut off valve is an important thing.

If you smell gas, don’t touch anything and you and everyone leave the house immediately. Do not turn anything on or off including a phone. The slightest spark can set off the gas causing sever injury or death.

Knowing where you gas shut off is before an emergency happens, or you are having an appliance replaced, will make everyone life a little easier.

An important note to remember is that when the gas is turned off, all appliances in the house will go out. Therefore you will need to relight them once the gas is turned back on. Make sure you get them all. Stove, oven, water heater, heating system and gas fire places can all have pilots that need to be lit. If you are unsure of how to accomplish this, please call a professional.

There are two types of gas you can have in your home – Liquid Propane and Natural Gas.

One the Next Page we will show you how to find and turn off your gas shut off valve before you need it.


Knowing where you gas shut off vale is before for you need it.

Liquid Propane is stored in large tanks outside your home. The are usually placed in the rear or side of the house out of view from the street. The shut off valve will be attached to the top of the tank. The valve will have a handle much like an outdoor water faucet or BBQ tank, which you can just use your hand to operate.  Turn the valve clockwise to turn off the gas.



Natural Gas is brought into your home through underground piping. To locate the gas shut off valve, you simply need to find the gas meter. The meter could be located in the basement, garage, utility room or outside of your home. The shut off valve will be located next to the gas meter on the pipe feeding the meter. You will most likely need a crescent or pipe wrench to do this.

In this short video you will see how to turn off your gas.


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