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Hyde Flat Pry Bar

Hyde Flat Pry Bar

My dad gave me a Hyde flat pry bar about 40 years ago, and it has been in my tool pouch ever since. It has become one of the most used and most versatile tools I own.

The one he gave me was a little worn so I tried to replace it, at that time it was nearly impossible. Then one day I spoke to the right person at my local lumber yard and he finally found where to get them. I bought a dozen of them and gave one to each of my employees, keeping a couple for myself of course.

The tool is very useful anywhere you need to do some prying or scraping. 

The amount of uses for this tool is almost endless.

I use it on everything from:

I have also used it as a:


When you pick one up, I’m sure you will be very happy you discovered this tool. Once you put it in your tool collection and start using it you’ll wish you had it years ago.


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