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How to install a 2″ Flush Valve and Gasket Kit by Korky


hello and welcome to quirky toilet repair today we are going to install your new quirky adjustable 2 inch flush valve and tank to bowl gasket kit the first step is to shut off the water supply to your toilet flush and hold the lever down to drain the water from your tank sponge out the remaining water in your toilet tank place the bucket underneath your toilet tank to catch any excess water disconnect your water supply line locate and remove all old nuts bolts and washers from the toilet tank carefully lift up on the tank and remove it from the bowl remove the old tank to bowl sponge gasket remove the old mounting nut and pull the old flush valve and flapper out of the toilet tank place your new Korky flush valve into the toilet tank and slide the chipboard washer over the threads hand tighten the mounting nut place the new red sponge gasket over the mounting nut threads carefully set the tank onto the bowl use the new bolts rubber washers washers and hex nuts included in the packaging to attach the tank to the bowl apply no and pressure to keep the tank level as you tighten the nuts in an alternating fashion until the tank is stable do not over tighten the nuts doing so may cause the porcelain to crack next set the height of the flush valve loosen the lock nut and extend the overflow tube until the top of the overflow tube is one inch below the flush lever nut then hand tighten the lock nut attach the S clip onto the black refill tube and attach it to the overflow tube then attach the flapper chain to the flush lever with minimal slack reattach the water supply line turn the water supply on to complete your installation congratulations you have successfully installed your new Corky adjustable 2 inch flush valve and tank to bowl gasket thank you for choosing Corki if you have any questions or need further assistance with your installation please visit our website or call us at one eight hundred five two eight three five five three you

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