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Forced Air Heating System Tune-Up

As the temperature starts to drop and winter heads our way, it’s time to check the heating system.

These are maintenance items that every homeowner can do to get their heating system ready for the days of cooler weather.

All forced air systems have a filter installed somewhere on the unit. This filter needs to be changed on a regular basis. A dirty filter will cause the furnace to work harder but also not provide you with the heat you want.

Keeping the inside of the furnace clean is also very important as this will allow the air to flow properly. Proper air flow helps your system work efficiently, which we all love.

Inspecting the flue pipe for leaks and rust is also an important item to do at the start of the heating season. Leaks can allow deadly gasses to enter the house.

You will also want to check for any leaks in the duct work so the heat goes to the rooms you want it to go and not empty spaces in between the furnace and the destination.

Check out the video below for how-to tips on getting your heating system ready for winter.

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