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Great Firewood Storage Ideas

Fall is here! Time for the animals to start gathering and storing their food for the winter. Also time for us to start stacking wood to keep us warm or just to sit and enjoy an evening with family and friends. Building your own firewood storage racks is a great idea, as you can build it to fit you needs. 

It can be a simple one for enough wood to have a few fires a year, on those special occasions. Or a massive firewood storage rack to house enough wood to heat your place all winter long.

Firewood storage racks can be be made simple with just a few concrete blocks and some 2x’s, yo elaborate designs that blend into their surroundings.

We put together a collection of storage racks we have come across to give you some ideas for building your own firewood rack.

The simple and Quick. Great for patios and fire pit wood storage.


Or if you need a little more storage this one is easily expanded.

Use some pressure treated lumber and you can DIY in no time.


Inexpensive yet very sturdy. Great for those occasional uses.


When you heed a little more storage but still have a budget to keep.


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We put this collection of firewood storage racks together to spark your creative mind when you are ready to build one yourself.

Check out this great firewood storage and bench combo for your fire pit. This could even be adapted for indoors.


Great wood rack that will look good in any yard.


When it comes to needing more storage, this storage unit will hold a lot of wood.


All of those ideas weren’t big enough? How about this one!



Finally, if you rally use a lot of firewood, you may need something like this.






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