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Got Water Filters?

whole house filter

whole house filter

As much as you may think the water coming into you home is safe. It is still filled with all types of micro particles that can be bad for you. Even most bottles water, which is just filtered water can contain elements that can harm you, and it is costly.

There are different types of water filters that you can have in your home. Adding one for the whole house will take most of the large particles out, but not all of it. I you want great drinking water, you will need to add more filtering some where in your home.

The Whole House Filter: This type of filter will filter all of the water that comes into your home to help remove sediment and minerals found in the water. You will find them close to where the water enters your home. These filters will need to be changed on a regular basis, usually every 1-3 months. The length of time between changes will depend on the quality of the water coming into your home. Here you will find a great video on these filters.

While a whole house water filter is great to have in your house, they are only designed to take out large particles in the water which help keep your fixtures from clogging.

If you wish to use your water for drinking and don’t want the expense and hassle of bottled water, you will need a Point of Use filtering system.

These systems come in many sizes and shapes. You can attach them to your fridge to keep your ice and water clean or to your faucet to completely filter out all of the impurities in your water.

Here you will see how to change the filters in these systems.

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