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Fixing a Pocket Door

The pocket door is such a great concept. It saves a lot of space by not having to swing into the room. The door rides on an overhead track and wheel system.

Over time with regular use, the track and wheel truck can become worn or loose and be in need of repair or replacement. This will cause the door to  not operate properly or fall off its track.

Parts for most systems are still available. If you can’t find the parts you need you may have to replace the entire track system.

The age and the manufacturer of the pocket door unit  will be factors on how easy it will be to repair.

Most pocket door systems work in similar fashion, with a wheel setup that slips into the track and then clips onto the top of the door. The wheel system will have adjusting bolts to raise and lower the door and set the door so it hangs plumb with the door jamb.

How the door is trimmed out will determine how much trim you need to remove to get at the adjusting bolt and release or latch the door into place.

On the Next Page is a great video to guide you through repairing your pocket door.


This video will guide you thru repairing you pocket door when it stops working properly.

We hope this helps you get your door working the way it should.

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