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Fixing a Flat Tire

You come out and see that your vehicle’s tire is low on air or fully flat. If you have compressor or other means of inflating the tire, fill it up and listen for an air leak.

If you can’t find it, use a bucket of water with some dish soap in it, and spread it over the tire, it will bubble where the leak is. Remember the leak may be on the bottom so you may have to move the vehicle some or jack it up to spin the tire.

If you find a nail, screw or other object in the tire, it can be repaired while the tire is still on the vehicle using a tire plug kit, which you can pick up at any Auto Parts store for about $10.

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Fixing a flat tire is pretty easy once you find the hole and have a tire plug kit.

To repair the tire you will need to:

Remove the object with a screw driver or pair of pliers.

Use the ream tool to make the hole the correct size for the plug.

Put the plug material on the insert tool, press it into the hole, twist 1/4 turn and pull the tool out.

Now your hole should be plugged.

Check for leaks and inflate to the proper pressure.

>>>This video will show you how to get this task done.

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