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DIY Pesticide-Free Mosquito Trap

Don’t take mosquitoes lightly, not only are they annoying, buzzing around you and then biting you, which could itch for days, they can also carry some pretty sickening and deadly diseases.

When they start buzzing around most people reach for a can of repellent, but those chemicals can be just as bad for you as the insect itself. Pesticides may seem like a good quick solution to the the problem, but the long term effects of the poison can be costly.

Putting together this simple DIY  pesticide-free mosquito trap can help keep you and you family safe from those biting pests. You can clean an area in a few nights, breaking an uncontrolled population cycle. This simple but highly effective mosquito trap can literally kill thousands of mosquitoes per night without the use of pesticides.

This will help keep your family, guests and pest safe from these pests.

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The video below will show you how to build this simple mosquito trap.

Things you will need:

– An industrial drum fan with metal casing
– A flexible screen
– Magnets
– 70% isopropyl alcohol

The video also offers a solar powered option, in case you want to set one up where there is no electricity like a dog house or chicken coop, or if the power goes out and you are sitting outside to keep cool. It never hurts to be prepared!

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Place the fans near infested or high traffic areas. KEEP FANS DRY, no rain. Always Unplug when servicing screens or moving. Place the inlet side towards people or animals so you suck the mosquitos away. This also sucks in carbon dioxide creating an attraction trail for the mosquitos to follow sticking them to the back of the fan:-)

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