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DIY Chalkboard Paint

Paint Mixing

Chalkboard paint is an awesome product where you can turn just about anything into a chalkboard. But if you want to do a great job you will usually need 2 coat,  if you have a large area you want to do, such as a whole wall it can get expensive.

If you are a DIYer you can make your own chalkboard paint and save a few dollars.

Here are the materials you will need:

Latex paint – In what ever color you desire.

Dry Non-sanded tile grout – use a neutral color especially with light color paint,  any brand will do! 

Mixing bucket – 2x bigger than the amount of paint you need to mix.

Mixing device – If you are mixing a small amount a paint stick will do, if you need a large amount I recommend a mixing paddle attached to a drill.

Brush or Roller – A low nap roller – 1/4″, and a good brush, foam brushes work well.

Sand paper –  150 – 220 grit. You may need to lightly sand board if it is rough when finished



1. Mix the latex paint with the non-sanded grout in a cup or bucket. A good ratio to use is 1 part grout to 8 parts paint. So, if you’re mixing a small amount, mix 1 tablespoon grout with a ½-cup paint. For a larger amount — like I used — mix 1 cup of grout with a ½ gallon of paint.

3. Condition the chalkboard. Get your chalkboard ready for drawing by rubbing the board with chalk, then wiping it off with a dry towel in circular strokes. With that final step, it’s ready to be put to good use.
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