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DIY Backyard Games!

Backyard games

Keeping the kids entertained all summer long can sometimes be a challenge. They get bored and want something new to do! Taking their favorite game outdoors in back yard size can be a lot of fun for the whole family.

Here are some great DIY backyard games that you and them can build and then play with all summer. They are great for parties also!

Backyard Size 4 in a Row. This easy DIY project will supply Great fun for the whole family!

See building directions at the Home Depot blog!

Corn Hole

What is Corn Hole?  Corn Hole is a fun bean bag toss game that everyone will enjoy.

Find building plans at diy network.


Ladder Toss 

You can build a ladder toss game out of wood and pipe or it can be made with PVC pipe.

By School Carnival Games                   By Bob Villa

Photos via Pinterest


Backyard Kerplunk

See how many sticks you can remove before the balls go kerplunk! A quick DIY game you can build with just a few items.

Check it out on HomeFast.


Giant Jinga

If you like Jinga indoors, your going to love playing outdoor with this giant lawn game you built yourself.


What you need:
• 8 wooden 2 x 4s, 8-foot long
• 1 sharpie
• 1 power saw
• 1 electric sander
• 3–4 paintbrushes and colourful paint

1) Head on down to the lumberyard and pick up the 2 x 4s.

2) Saw the 2 x 4s into 10½-inch pieces for a total of 54 game blocks. If you don’t have access to a saw, get someone from the hardware store to cut the wood for you. Thankfully, I have a dad with all kinds of gadgets who was happy to lend a hand.

3) Sand the edges to make the wooden game pieces smooth around the ends and edges. This not only makes it easier for the pieces to slide during the game, but also prevents players from getting splinters.

4) At this point, the game can be played as is for a life-size regular game of Jenga. But if you’re interest
in adding an extra twist to the rules, this is where the fun begins. Using a sharpie, write a different instruction on each piece of wood. This could be a general rule for all players of the game or something specific for the person who winds up choosing that particular game piece.


Thanks To My Town Crier for this great idea.


And then there is Yardzee, Yes, the backyard version of Yatzee. See it and more on page 2



And the Newly famous Yardzee. Play Yatzee in your backyard. See the video below.


Outdoor Checkers anyone?

Great idea from Coastal Events


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