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Dishwasher Repair – Replacing the Detergent and Rinse Aid Dispenser (GE Part # W10224428)


Dishwasher Repair - Replacing the Detergent and Rinse Aid Dispenser (GE Part # W10224428)

Hi, it's Steve from PartSelect. Today we are going to show you how to change
the detergent dispenser on your dishwasher and it's a really easy job. All we are going to need is a #15 Torx driver
and a 3/16-socket core driver. Let me show you how we do it. Now before we begin this repair the first
thing we will need to do is to disconnect the power to the dishwasher because we will
be working on some electrical circuits. So if it's a supportable dishwasher simply
unplug it, if it's a built in dishwasher we need to locate the fuse panel or breaker panel
and disconnect the power at that source. Next we are going to open the door completely
and then using #15 Torx driver we are going to remove four screws on either side in support
from the bottom up, I suggest take three out on each side first just so we have something
to support that panel until we remove the final two screws. Now just hold that panel to the outer door
panel, we will remove screws from that side, carefully support it on the opposite side,
we will remove the remaining screw.

Then carefully tilt the door into an upright
position, and we are going to tilt it on the top of that panel, get straight up on it. Then we can set that aside. Now with the outer door panel removed. The dispenser is over here on the left side
and there is a metal bracket that holds that to the door panel and there are six 3/16 inch
screws that secure that bracket to the dispenser. So using either 3/16 inch nut driver or a
socket, we will remove all of those screws and we will also need to disconnect the wire
harness to the solenoid on that dispenser, so we will depress the little locking tab
on the back side of that connector and then pull the connector away. Remove the final screw. Lift away the shield. Now to remove the dispenser from the inner
door panel or open that door we will grasp the dispenser from the inside, then we will
come back on the outside and we are going to lift up on the little locking tab, then
pull the dispenser through from the front. There is a tab in the upper left corner, one
in the lower right corner, just to press enough to pull the dispenser out, we can discard

Before installing the new dispenser just clean
the area of the inner door panel where the gasket will seat, make sure that there is
no soap debris or foreign objects in there that will prevent us from getting a good seal. Now we will just simply set the new dispenser
in place, push it through the opening and a little locking tab will hold it there, until
we put the retainer bracket back on it.

Next we will take the mounting bracket, we
will just sit that on the top of the dispenser and put the screws in the bottom first, and
we will tighten them, just put them enough to hold the bracket in position. Next we will reinstall the protective shield
and we will just slide that underneath that bracket pull over the little tab on the dispenser. On the left hand side we will tuck that in
behind the opening for the screw and we will install the three screws across the top. We need to make sure that we tighten that
securely, prevent any leaks, then tighten the three bottom screws. Reconnect the wire harness, make sure that
the locking tab engages. Now we are ready to put the outer door panel
back on. While reinstalling the door panel we will
need to ensure that these tabs here connect with the frame of the door so that it holds
the bottom in position. Then we will have to just tilt that panel
in underneath the control panel, at this point we are going to open the door, we will hold
that outer door panel to the inner door panel, as we lower it and install one of the screws
on one side just to hold it in position.

Same on the opposite side. Make sure all the holes are lined up and replace
the remaining screws. Once we have replaced all the screws and made
sure they are tight we are ready to reconnect the power and our repair is complete. I told you it was an easy job, thanks for
watching and good luck with your repair..

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