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Clear a Bath Tub Drain

When your bath tub drain slows down or stops draining, it is usually do to excessive amounts of hair and soap that have build up over time. Clearing a clogged bathtub drain can seem like it will be a real pain. But it is not as hard as it may seem.

Before shelling out some of your hard earned money, grab a few tools and get a little knowledge under your belt and you are ready to get your tub flowing again.

The first thing to try, which works most of the time, requires 2 drain plungers and a little patience.

Check out the video showing you this technique.


If this doesn’t work after a few tries you will need to go deeper. See the Next Page for more ways to unclog your bath tub drain.



So your bathtub drain is still clogged? If that is the case you will want to pull the cover or stopper from the drain and clear out and debris that is in there. See the video below on how to accomplish this.


Well we hope you have cleared your bathtub drain. If neither of these things worked you may have to go deeper or call a drain specialist. If you want to tackle this yourself and save the cost of a professional, Great. See the Next Page for the next step to clearing your drain issue.



Still can’t get your bathtub drain to flow properly? The next step is to Open up the overflow and remove the stopper, if there is one, and snake down thru the opening to clean the whole drain out.

Some times it can be a broken or incorrectly adjusted stopper or it could be a real clog of hair and soap scum.

Watch the video below on how to clear your drain this way.


We sure hope this has helped you get your bathtub drain cleared and working properly.






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