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Changing An Exterior Door.

Wanting To Replace Your Exterior Door?

When the times comes that you need or just want a new entrance door for your home, the key thing to consider are what look you want. There are other important things to consider that will make the project go smother and look great when finished and for years to come.

Are you wanting to keep the same look or change it to something completely different?

Are wanting the same look but want a door that will stand up to the weather better?

Do you want to let more light in or have more privacy?

How much of your decision will be based on cost?

Are you going to paint your door or stain it?

All great questions, here a few things to consider when making your choice.

A fiberglass door will be you best alternative if you are looking for durability. They will last a long time and they are paintable or stainable. They come in both smooth and wood grain textures. You can get fiberglass doors in almost any size, shape or style of window, from full glass to small ½ moon shape.

If you are considering a fiberglass door, be aware of the fact that on many of the cheaper doors, the face will be made in pieces, so you will have visible seams in the smooth face. If you are purchasing a wood grain look, this feature makes the door look more like real wood.

I always order my door jambs with at least the bottom 12 inches made of vinyl or composite to prevent the jamb from rotting out. Another thing I do is, use pure vinyl trim on the exterior of the door. They now make brick mold and other exterior trims this way, so they last forever.

If wood is your preference, due to the style and type of house you have, then something to look at and consider are doors that have the bottom of the door routered out and a vinyl insert installed to help with rot prevention.

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