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Changing Air Filters

With the changing of yet another season comes time to change the air filters in your heating or cooling system.

Your air filters in your heating and air conditioning systems need to be inspected and changed at regular intervals depending your usage of this equipment. These filters are generally simple to change but it is important to change them as part of your regular home maintenance plan.

The location of your filters is pretty standard, heating filters will be located some where around the furnace. There will be a slot or a cover on the duct work for the filter.

Heating system

Here is a great video on how to change the filter in your heating system.

In many cases the heating system and the air conditioning systems use the same air handler to spread the treated air throughout your home. In that case the same filter works for both heating and cooling.

Air Conditioning

If you have a separate unit for your air conditioning, the filter will be inside the return grate. This can be located in the ceiling or an a wall, generally in the center of the house.

Check out this wonderful video to see how to change the filter for your a/c unit.


Changing your air filters regularly will keep the air in your home cleaner and let your equipment work efficiently.

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