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Chainsaw Artistry: Amazing Wood Sculptures

Most of us have seen wood sculptures in our travels. Chainsaw master artist Steve Blanchard takes it to a whole new level. From simple one log carvings to awesome tree houses, his talents are hard to match.

Besides being a master with a chainsaw, these awesome projects are his own designs. Take a look and see for yourself what a true master he is.

He is his own person with a great talent. “I take my own risk, I make up my own designs, anything could go wrong using a chainsaw”, says Steve.
Looks like this one was self inspired.


Check out the detail put into every piece he carves. With just a chainsaw!




Love the little house!


The entire deck and furniture is his design.

On the Next Page see how the projects have grown to the extraordinary.



Steve moved up to designing and sculpting life size playhouses that are right out of the fairy tale world.


All of the houses are built of nothing but wood. No steel of glass to be found.



All of the curves make this place special.


This sculpture is featured in the International Art Museum





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