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Buying Power Tools – How Cheap Can You Go?

With all the different models of power tools out there, how do you know which to buy? You want to buy the best but your budget doesn’t always allow it and the situation doesn’t always warrant it.

If you are purchasing a tool that you need now for a specific project, great. But ask yourself how often you will use it later. If the answer is rarely, why spend a lot of money on it? Buy the cheaper version if it will get the job done.

Be aware that when you buy cheaper tools, they often have their limitations. Don’t over heat them and work it to death and expect good results. But even the best of power tools need a little TLC to keep working properly.

Here is a little advice on buying power tools.

A good power tool – if treated properly – will last for many years. They all need to have some maintenance done from time to time to keep them running at peak performance.

Garage sales and pawn shops are great places to find tools you will not use a lot and don’t want to spend a bunch of money.


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