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Build a Cool Looking Wood Pallet Cooler!

Using old pallets to make really cool looking furniture and other things around your home will make great, inexpensive, DIY projects.

You can pick up old wood pallets at many local stores in your area, just go in and ask them if the have any they are giving away. Landscape supply stores are usually a good place to get free pallets from.

Once you have your pallets, you will need to dismantle them, check out this great video on disassembling the pallets.

Most wood pallet project only require a few tools to get them done.

A circular saw

Drill and bits

Screw gun

Some clamps can help keep things in place when working on your project.


Making a cool looking ice chest for your back yard patio will be the talk of all your friends. If you want to learn how to build a rustic cooler from pallets then here is a great project for you.

Head over to the Next Page for plans and instructions on building your own wood pallet cooler.








I came across this great video from from Home Repair Tutor that takes you step by step to show you just how easy it can be.


For full step by step directions see


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