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How Many Blue Tape Tricks Do You Know?

13 Tips To Use Blue Tape To Make You More Productive.


Today, we’re talking blue tape. What’s? Going on guys? I’m Jody. This is inspire wood craft and today I ‘ve got some tips and some tricks some that I’ve learned along the way, some that I’ve just recently found that I think are super neat and I can’t wait to utilize them in my shop either Way we’ve, got tips and tricks to use blue masking tape in our shops to make us more productive.

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So we can keep making awesome content as well as where to find us on social media, our website and contact info. Now, this first tip is the most easily recognizable, as I think we’ve all done this at one point or another.

Take a piece of masking tape, wrap it around the end of the drill bit just far enough up for the depth of hole. You want to drill, you make a little flag at the end there and when the flag starts brushing away the wood chips.

You know you’ve drilled, your hole deep enough. This is a really good replacement for double side paper tape. Take a piece of masking tape, make a loop out of it, sticky, side out and press it firmly down onto the back of a piece.

You want to say: stick to your bench like I’m, doing flip it over stick it down to the table and it will not move not permanently. This will work as an extra pair of hands to hold something steady. So you can drill a hole or make a mark or whatever you need to do now, piggybacking on that.

You can also use this technique at the bandsaw to make a zero clearance table instead of having to make a whole new insert now. This is know that you make cuts the bandsaw with minimal to no tear out and it’s also going to keep little pieces from falling down into that insert now.

Speak brings us to our next step, which is to prevent taro at the miter saw, or the table saw wrap a piece of blue tape around where you’re going to cut and it’ll. Keep those fibers locked in. You could see on the end that I didn’t vs.

the end that I did and how much cleaner of a cut. I got you I personally like to use masking tape to mark stuff out. I use it in the house. A lot say I’m gonna mount something to the wall. I don’t want to draw on the wall, and the same goes with this.

They lay a piece of tape down make all your measurements, so you’re, not drawing on the workpiece itself, and if you look closely, I actually have rolled-up tape underneath there to keep this fastened to the table.

Now I can put my drill where I need to go and drill down no harm done to the piece itself. This next tip is one that I use all the time I don ‘ T really see a lot of people using it, though so, hopefully you guys can utilize this.

So this is a five minute epoxy. I’m just mixing up on here and I’m gonna lift the tape right off at the table and use it as a squeeze tube to actually pour into the hole that I drilled. The only one who has to destroy the clamps over a period of time because of glue squeeze-out getting all over the clamps will appreciate this.

Take some masking tape. You can also use packing tape and put it down on the clamp on the areas where it’s, going to get glue squeeze out when you clamp up, say a cutting board or something the glue will stay off your clamps and onto the tape.

Prolonging the life of your clamps now this is another one that we’ve, probably all seen before, and that’s using masking tape as a clamp itself. So this is a 90 degree corner that I want to create. So I’m gonna put masking tape on the backside of that corner, and I’m actually gonna up this by one flipping it over.

I’m, actually gonna line the inside of where that joints gonna come together with masking tape as well, and that’s. Gon na prevent glue from squeezing out and onto my project, which can be a real pain in the butt to sand or chisel out, and it can also cause stain issues if you were to go back and stain that.

So we’re, just gonna mask that off now you can see when I close the gap the glue squeezes out over the tape we can with them, wipe it out or come back and chisel it out later. You can also use the blue tape itself to clamp that gap shut.

Now. This is a cool one that I plan on using quite a bit. I just learned this from the Wood Whisperer himself. We’re gonna put a piece of tape on each one of these. We’re gonna put some CA glue down on one.

We’re gonna use an accelerator on the other side, that’s, gonna allow for a quicker bond and when we sandwich these two together and hold them for a couple seconds and the two pieces stay together. But we’re, not harming the wood itself by putting an adhesive or a sticky residue on it, and I had to use a chisel to gently pry these two apart.

But what’s great? Is the tape pops right off afterwards and then we can do pull that off and throw it away similar to double side tape. Now here I’m using masking tape on the router table, to establish my start and stop points here’s.

What I’m gonna press it down, and I’m, actually running a groove into this wood. I’m gonna go along, and when I get to my out mark, I’m gonna lift up, and now I’ll have a perfect groove right where I wanted it now.

This one is one that I use every day. This is the tape measure I normally use and I take a piece of masking tape. I put it on the side of it and I write my measurements down on there. So now, when I get to the saw make my cut, I know exactly what my measurements were and I don’t have to go back and forth because I personally can’t retain anything anyways that’s, a wrap.

You guys, hopefully some of you guys, can use these tips. I know there’s quite a few that I found recently that I’ve, never known before, and I’m sure there’s plenty more. So let me know if you guys think I missed one: maybe we’ll do around two down the road.

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I Bet You Don't Know At Least ONE Of These Blue Tape Tricks

As always, thanks for watching this video and we’ll see you guys in the next video you

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