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[Video] Backer Rod for Filling Gaps

When filling a large crack or joint in concrete or asphalt it is best to use a backer rod in the gap first.

Backer Rod is a round polyethylene foam joint-filler and backing material used for filling expansion joints and large or deep joints before installing elastomeric sealants.

It is used mostly in the construction trades for filling expansion joints in concrete, wood and asphalt to allow for the joint to move, while allow for the use of less sealant and to keep the sealant from sinking into the joint.

Backer rod can also be used in concrete and asphalt repairs to fill deep or large gaps before adding sealer. Some contractors will use fine sand to fill the gap first, but if the gap gets wider or deeper the sand will fall away and leave the sealant with no backing.

These backer rods can be used around doors, windows, wall joints, as well as foundations. A backer rod is recommended in numerous construction applications because it:
·         Saves caulking material by filling in the gaps
·         Provides additional insulation and increase energy efficiency of a house
·         Blocks drafts, giving additional quality to window installations
Backer rods are available in 1/4“ to 1 ¼” diameters that are packaged in rolls, and thicker diameters of 1 ½” to 4” that come in cartons of 6-foot length backer rod.

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When you have a gap in your concrete, along a wall or in the middle of your sidewalk that you want to close up. The best way to do this is with some backer rod before installing sealant.
Use it to fill most of the gap. When applying you will want the backer rod to be slightly larger then the gap and press it into the gap until you have about 1/4″ space above the rod. Then fill the top of the gap with either a Urethane or Elastomeric sealant.

Watch this great video on installing backer rod and sealant.

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