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Attic Storage Tips

To some people their attic is a scary place, to others it is a palace for extra storage. If you have an attic you use for storing your seasonal items, extra bedding or what have you, stuff just seams to get piled up there with out any organization.

Having this big empty space is best utilized if you have some shelving or cabinet in place, but getting an intact unit up the attic stairs is not always possible. You may look at all the slopes of the roof or extra 2x’s if you have truss construction and think, I can’t put shelving up here, but you can.

There are ways to make more storage that you may not be thinking about.

If you have trusses and you are looking for a simple solution, Attic Maxx make a precut, ready to install product just for this situation.

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If you want to do this your self, you will need some 2 x 2’s, Plywood cut to fit between your trusses and some screws.


There are many concepts you can use that with a little planning can really add more storage space, stacking shelves like this helps use up space that would be wasted with straight up shelving.





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