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Adding a Tile Backsplash

Tile has been used in architecture for thousands of years. It can change the look of any room. Tile comes in all shapes and sizes, colors and patterns to go with any décor.

The advantages of tile are that it is easy to install, easy to clean and has so may ways to add variety to your space and it will last a long time.

If your kitchen needs some livening up, adding a tile backsplash may be just what it needs. With this simple DIY project, you can really change the look of any size kitchen with tile.

There are many different types, shape and colors of tile. Figuring out which is the best one for your kitchen can be a challenge. Take some photos of your kitchen, along with measurement, to your local tile store for assistance in tile selection.

Installation of tile on a backsplash is a great do it yourself project. It require just a few inexpensive hand tools and a tile cutter which you can get at most rental stores.

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Once you have chosen your tile, preparation and installation of backsplash tile is pretty much the same. Making certain that the backing material is sound, clean and dust free is important.

Using tile mastic like AcrylPro 1 Gal. Ceramic Tile Adhesive is the simplest way to install your tile on the backsplash.

Here are the basic tools you will need.

Be sure to leave a gap at the bottom of the tile where it meets the counter top so you can install a nice bead of caulk before grouting.


The video below will walk you thru the steps needed to install your tile.



Remember to always wear safety glasses when cutting any tile, it is all basically glass, which you don’t want in your eye. Also be sure to turn off the power when working around electric outlets and switches.

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