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7 Wonderful Old Furniture Hacks

It’s a great feeling when you take a piece of old furniture and upcycle it into something useful around your home. Here are some great ideas to make your place look great and be more organized or practical.

#1 French Door Coat Hanger

Turn an old glass french door in to a beautiful picture frame and coat hanger. A little paint and a few hooks and hanging hardware and you all set.

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#2 Lego Play Station

Turn an old end table into a Lego play and storage center for the kids!

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#3 Dresser Storage Shelves

Before the trash man gets there grab that old dresser you neighbor is tossing away and show them what an awesome re-purposing job you did with it.

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#4 Ladder Towel Rack

Before you toss the old wooden ladder you found out in the shed, it will make a nice towel rack for you country bathroom or out by the pool.

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#5 Garage Tool Crib

So you are done with that old file cabinet in the office, think about making it a tool crib for the garage. With a little paint and a few other parts from the hardware store you can keep all your gardening tools and more organized and ready to go.

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#6 A Beautiful Garden Bench

Now that you replaced the old dining room set, you can re-purpose the chairs in to this fabulous garden bench with a few dollars in wood, paint and fabric.

Thank You, An Oregon Cottage for this wonderful idea.


#7 This Old Door

After installing a new door on the bedroom closet, take that door and make an awesome entry tree for the foyer. This one will take a little extra work, but will look great and feel great too when it is done.

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Have a fun time if you decide to tackle and of these great DIY projects.






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