How to Stop a Shower Valve Drip

Tired of the constant drip coming from your shower faucet? You’ve tried tightening the handle as hard as you can, but it still drips. Read on to find out how to stop a shower valve drip.

If you have a 2 or 3 handle faucet, chances are you are in need of new valve washers. Replacing these is a fairly simple task for a DIYer.

To repair a leaking single handle shower faucet, check out Repairing Single Handle Shower Valve

Phillip screwdriver

Flat blade screwdriver

Needle nose pliers

Water pump pliers

Set of plumber’s sockets, for removing the valve stem.



If the faucet still leaks, go to the Next Page on replacing the valve seats.


2 Replies to “How to Stop a Shower Valve Drip”

  1. You have to replace the seats in the valves. Turn off the water, remove the handle, depending on design, remove it with either a 1/4 inch piece of key stock, If I recognize the faucet design, go to a quality plumbing shop, get the replacement seat. While you’re at it, take the handles with you for a rubber. Installation is reverse. Good luck.

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