Spicing Things Up in the Kitchen

Having your spices handy when your cooking is such a pleasure. Here are some more great ideas on how to accomplish this.


These awesome DIY racks make the cabinet door a very convenient place for your spices.




This used to be a hollow column, that formed one wall of the range alcove.

We demoed that area and made better use of the space. The other side is for trays. I love it.

Source: Houzz

Personal Touches – Small spaces offer surprising amount of spices storage with vertical pull-out spice rack cabinet from Dura Supreme Cabinetry.

Thin Vertical Pull-Out Spice Rack Cabinet from Dura Supreme Cabinetry.



I’ve seen a lot of really cheap commercial spice racks so when I wanted to make one for a cook I know, I tried to do something a little more innovative and attractive. This rack is a few years old now so the American Black Walnut has started to fade a bit. The other wood is hard maple.

Spice rack



Whether you wish to make your own, find one in a store or have it custom made. Having your spices handy when you need them makes cooking life more pleasant.

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