[Video] How to Repair a Stripped Wood Screw Hole



You can repair stripped screw holes by drilling out the whole slightly bigger and  gluing a wooden dowel into the holes and then trimming it flush, and then you can drill a new pilot hole into the area for your screw.

Picture of What you'll need:

You’ll need:

A drill
A wooden dowel (I used a 4ft long 3/8″ poplar dowel – $0.84 at a local store)
A saw of some kind if you need to cut your dowel
A 3/8″ drill bit (I used a Forstner bit)
Wood glue
Shop brush
A smaller drill bit (to drill new pilot holes after you’ve patched the old holes)
A screwdriver

The dowel I bought was 48″ long, so I cut off three pieces that were around 1.5″ long.  I didn’t measure, and used a little hand coping saw to cut them to size.  I had some 80 grit sandpaper nearby so I used that to smooth and square off the rough looking cuts I made.

Great advice from instructables.com

Check out the video below for more instructions.


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