How Many Uses Does a Rubber Band Have?

Here are some more great rubber band hacks.

Best Way To Remove Stripped Screws

Struggling to remove that screw? A wide rubber band placed between the head of the screw and the screwdriver will help fill the gaps, thus allowing you to at the very least, loosen the screw. Make sure to apply pressure and turn slowly.



Secure Pot Lid

keep the lip down, secure it using two rubber bands. This also comes in handy if you’re transporting pots. Brilliant!

Secure Pot Lid:
photo: Vanessa Beaty


Book Marks

Wrap the rubber band around the page you are on and the cover of the book.

Image titled Use Rubber Bands Step 1

photo: WikiHow


Keep Clothes on Hangers

Stop your clothes from sliding off their hangers by wrapping rubber bands around both ends of the hanger.

Keep Clothes on Hangers:


Glass Savior

Do your best wine glasses keep getting broken in the dishwasher? Secure them with rubber bands.

dishwasher Savior:
photo: stevenandchris



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